UPCOMING PROGRAM: The Practice of Systems Thinking Based Innovation

As the competitive environment continues to intensify in Singapore, organizations, companies and departments need to find ways to do more with less, and to differentiate themselves from others based on the innovative nature of products and services being offered. Moreover, as global challenges escalate, organizations and their people must engage the challenges and opportunities of sustainability, which by its very nature, requires new thinking and process, product and service innovation .

The question then is: how can we all get the greatest benefit from our innovation efforts?

This 1-day training will provide an engaging introduction to the thinking and tools of systems thinking, and will offer practical hands-on exercises in using systems thinking, diffusion innovation tools and methods to develop better innovations that have a better chance of obtaining the necessary buy-in and mainstream support.


  • Explain to others what sustainability means in the context of innovation and system change
  • Use systems thinking as a strategic problem solving tool and innovation formulation approach
  • Identify leverage within the system for effective intervention with new ideas to obtain the system results you aim to achieve
  • Apply AMOEBA© techniques and strategies to develop effective innovation diffusion strategies for getting others to support your initiatives

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