Community Programs

U-Lab: Leading Profound Innovation for a More Sustainable World is a free, online, interactive and experiential class about leading profound innovation for pioneering a more sustainable economy and society. The class is organized around personal reflection practices, relational practices, and societal practices. It focuses on the intertwined relationship between the evolution of capitalism, multi-stakeholder innovation, and Presencing.


0x: 90-minute introductory course. Ongoing – Enroll

1x: September – December 2017 – Enroll

Foundation Programs

A 4-day intensive introduction to the concepts and practices of Theory U and Presencing. In this program you will learn how to sense and seize future opportunities and how to connect to the deeper journey of your professional and personal life in order to become a more effective leader and change-maker in your own context.

 Cape Town, South Africa: September 11-15 – More Info 

Cape Cod, MA, USA: October 29-November 2 – More Info

Oxford, UK: November 12-16 – More Info

Social Presencing Theater

Drawing on the arts and contemplative traditions, Social Presencing Theater brings to the surface a clearer sense of the relationships, hidden dynamics, and emerging possibilities inherent in a team, organization or larger system. It allows co-creators in a given system to gain insight into the current situation, seeing potential opportunities for change. It sets the ground for creative collective action. Participants will apply Social Presencing Theater methods to specific personal and leadership challenges.

Boston, MA, USA: November 3-4 – More Info

Oxford, UK: November 17-18 – More Info

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Visual Presencing

These programs are designed both for visual practitioners (graphic facilitators) wanting to deepen their knowledge of Presencing – among other social technologies – AND for those already using Theory U who would like to facilitate in a more visual manner.

 Munich, Germany: October 20-22 – More Info

Hangzhou, China: November 15-17 – More Info

Portland, OR, USA: February 15-17 – Contact Kelvy